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October 16, 5 PM 77 Massachusetts Ave., room 2-105, Cambridge, MA

Charles Borkhuis

will talk about playwriting in relation to his poetry. There will also be a CD recording and a live dramatic performance of one of his plays.

poem: D.O.A.

Kelly Sherman

will show and discuss her text art.

artwork: bleached

Kelly Sherman received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and has exhibited in Boston, Providence, and New York City. Her conceptual language pieces can be seen at the Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, where she exhibited in 2003. A nominee for the Stephen D. Paine Scholarship, she was recently placed on the annual Boston Magazine "Hot List" for notable Bostonians in the arts.

Charles Borkhuis is a poet, playwright, film writer, and essayist. His books of poems are: Savoir-Fear, Alpha Ruins, Dinner with Franz, Proximity (Stolen Arrows), and Hypnogogic Sonnets. Alpha Ruins (Bucknell University) was selected by Fanny Howe as a finalist for the William Carlos Williams 2001 Book Award. His poems have been anthologized in The World in Time and Space (Talisman House), Primary Trouble (Talisman House), The Gertrude Stein Awards for Innovative Poetry, 1996-97 (Sun & Moon), Writing From The New Coast (o.blek), and An Avec Sampler #2. His essays on contemporary poetics have appeared in Telling it Slant and We Who Love to Be Astonished, two books published by the University of Alabama in 2002. His plays have been produced in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hartford. Mouth of Shadows, a collection of his full-length plays was published by Spuyten-Duyvil in 2000. His radio play The Sound of Fear Clapping was anthologized in Voices in Our Heads, and published in book form in 2003. His 2002 CD, Black Light, contains two radio plays aired over NPR. He is the recipient of a Drama-logue Award and is the former editor of Theater:Ex, an experimental theater publication. His most recent full-length plays are: The Man in The Bowler Hat, Dusk, and The Moving Empty Center. His feature-length film script Undercurrent was completed in 2004. For the last eleven years, he has curated poetry readings for the Segue Foundation, most recently at Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan.